Membership and Bylaws

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SECTION A. INACTIVE MEMBERS ARE SILENT: After 6 Months is Silent and Inactive

A member, who has neglected to pay promptly the dues assessed by the Chapter, shall be listed as inactive. Such an inactive member, when as long as six (6) months in arrears with his payment of dues, shall be allowed to attend meetings as a silent observer only, but shall not have the right to speak, vote or otherwise participate in the business of the Chapter, nor receive the current password. Membership cards shall be issued to bona fide members in good standing only.

SECTION B. BAD STANDING MEMBERS MAY BE SUSPENDED: After 11 Months is in bad standing with the Chapter

A member, who is as long as eleven (11) months in arrears with the payment of his dues, shall be listed as being in bad standing. He shall be notified of his protracted delinquency by the Secretary of the Chapter in writing, and shall be reminded that he is running the risk of being suspended for non-payment of dues. If, within thirty (30) days after he has been thus notified and reminded, he neither pays his dues nor gives a truly justifiable reason for his delinquency to the Chapter, he shall be suspended, and the Secretary shall report to AHEPA Headquarters his name and address and the date of suspension.

After 11 Months is suspended by HQ

In the event, however, that AHEPA Headquarters has not received any per capita assessment for twelve (12) consecutive months for any member, such member shall be considered IPSO FACTO suspended with the loss of the rights and privileges of a member in good standing.