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AHEPA stands for the American, Hellenic, Educational Progressive Association. This name was created by the original founders and represents what is now the oldest and largest Greek heritage membership organization in the United States.


Since its’ founding, AHEPA has worked to eradicate bigotry and racism that has permeated in society. With over 400 chapters worldwide, AHEPA promotes true values of ancient Greece, which involve Hellenism, Education, Civic Responsibility, Family & Individual Excellence and Philanthropy. AHEPA is committed to advancing these ideals in our communities & neighborhoods.

We invite you to join AHEPA and your fellow Philhellene Americans in continuing these goals and ideals and our quest for a better tomorrow. This will enable AHEPA to achieve leadership in championing our cause of education thru scholarships and the advantages of higher education.


"AHEPA is committed to preserving and promoting the principles of HELLENISM, HUMANITY, FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. It is our mission to educate the communities in which we live on these values"


Mission of AHEPA

AHEPA is founded on the principle that the best campaign for our ideals is through education. Our National scholarship endowment exceeds $4 million and over $500,000 is awarded annually on a national level. Don't forget the scholarships being awarded at the local Chapter 75 level.

AHEPA is committed to the ideals of philanthropy and volunteering at the global, national, and local levels. From natural disaster relief to raising funds for the elimination of life threatening diseases to contributing to community development. AHEPA is extremely proud of its’ generous humanitarian activities.

AHEPA has a history of educating political candidates and elected officials who align themselves with those positions that matter most to Philhellene Americans, including international relations with Greece and Cyprus.

AHEPA believes in the total family concept and with that in mind, created a youth affiliate with the Sons of Pericles & Maids of Athena involving youth with the Daughters of Penelope, our women’s organization, all working as a unit toward fulfillment of a common mission for a better life.