Invitation to Apply for 2023 AHEPA Scholarships


Since 2003 the AHEPA Chapter 75 has been supporting the St. George Community by raising funds and giving out scholarships. AHEPA Chapter 75 administers scholarship funds for the purpose of aiding Greek Americans with their Post-secondary, Undergraduate and Post Graduate education.

Over the past 15 years AHEPA Chapter 75 has awarded 57 scholarships for a total of $73,400 in total funds disbursed.

We love helping our St. George Students! AHEPA Monroe Chapter 75 offers scholarships to:
• High School Graduates going to 2- or 4-year college who are St. George community members OR AHEPA/Daughters of Penelope descendants.
• Sophomore, Junior College and Post-Graduate College Students.
• High School, College (Sophomore, Junior) and Post-Graduate University Students in engineering fields who are descendants of AHEPA/Daughters of Penelope.

Deadlines for applications:
AHEPA National and District 5: 3/30/23
AHEPA Chapter 75 Application: 5/10/23

For more information please visit:
or Email:
AHEPA Scholarship Committee


For scholarships information please email/call:

Scholarship Committee Members:
Dean Solomos (Chair)
Matt W. Szela
Paul Stevens
Carmine Albanese 

John Botzolakis
John Lyssikatos

To donate for AHEPA 75 Scholarships:

Deadline May 10th: Ahepa Monroe Chapter 75 Scholarship Application: 
<Download Application Here>

Deadline March 30th: District 5 Ahepa Application:
<Download Application Here>

Deadline March 30th: Ahepa HQ Educational Foundation Application:

<Download Application Here>